Visiting Surabaya city is may be in the minds of tourists will only see the big city full of high buildings, modernity, malls, shopping, and the like. This is very understandable considering Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta.But actually when a traveler wants to explore, this Hero City has a number of hidden tourist locations, including nature tourism.

One of them is Wonorejo Seed Garden, located in Wonorejo area, Rungkut Sub-district, Surabaya. This is where the city parks in Surabaya get the seeds of plants that will green the hot city. Wonorejo Seed Garden becomes an alternative tourism, educative, suitable for families. In an area of 5.9 hectares visitors will feel the fresh air and abundance of oxygen, which will become a kind of oasis in the heat of Surabaya City.

What’s interesting?

Then what is interesting from this Wonorejo Seed Garden? Many things that visitors can meet when visiting Wonorejo Seed Garden. In this green area visitors will find a large lake in the middle of the nursery.

This is the main spot that often becomes a place of visitor concentration. A number of docks appear to be on the lake side. Not infrequently this place so location for pre-wedding photoshoot. Relaxing around the lake would be great fun.

In Wonorejo Seed Garden traveler can also take advantage of children wall climbing facilities and play ground. This facility makes the Wonorejo Seed Garden the most suitable location for family tourism.

Wonorejo Seed Garden is also equipped with animals. Although not much, but enough to make the garden more enjoyable. There are a number of deer and poultry especially swans that maintained the manager. For visitors who have small children, of course the presence of these animals becomes increasingly making a complement of family tourism excitement.

The management is also not forget the facilities for sports enthusiasts. Just like a city park, Wonorejo Seed Garden is also equipped with jogging track facilities to satisfy the desire to exercise citizens.

In the Garden of Wonorejo Seedlings visitors can see the orchid house, where many kinds of orchid flowers are developed. Then there is also a plant seedling plant until the compost house.

No less ser at this location is available area for camping. Especially for this camp should ask permission manager. In infrastructure, this location is suitable for camping, because also available toilets and taps ready to drink water.

All these facilities can visitors enjoy without paying a dime. Because nature tourism Wonorejo Seed Garden is provided for the general public for free. For the traveler, do not worry about hunger. At this location, there is also a culinary center ready with delicious menu with affordable prices.