Surabaya, East Java Province is already known as the metropolitan city. They never realized that this city become the second of big city in Indonesia has a palace. It is a Surabaya Palace. It seems awkward, but it was established that Palace is built in this Heroes city.

The History

In that time, it was a war between a Mongol Army and Raden Wijaya in Hujung Galuh. That war is winning by Raden Wijaya. In 1293, Hujung Galuh change name become Curabhaya that has meaning a brave to face up perilous, that have government as the Kingdom.

When it was still developing, Curabhaya always being a target from Mataram Kingdom, because its strategic place that has Pangeran Jayalengkara as the leader.

Never be defeated           

Even though Mataram Kingdom is always targeting it, but Curabhaya becoming area that this is never defeated. It has a great defense. Another kigdom always fail to attack it. Because it is surround by wall that has four meters height. Then, Mataram changed their plan for attack. They was attack Sukadana ( South Kalimantan) that give Curabhaya support. Mataram also attack Madura that has alliance with Curabhaya.

In 1625, the great invasion was come to Surabaya. Even Pekik Prince, son of Jayalengkara Prince already defend it and defeated the Mataram Army till Wirosobo, but Mataram still had idea.

Mataram army made a dam of Kali Mas, Kali Brantas that flows over the city and the source of water to life for in Surabaya. Finally, Curabhaya has a lack of clear water and starving crisis. Jayalengkara Prince is sad and going to met Tumenggung Mangunoneng, Mataram commander to take apart of the dam. In this time, Jayalengkara Prince decided to surrender. Start from that time Curabhaya belong to Mataram.

At this time, Curabhaya palace remainder is almost gone. Besides that, the literature is not much telling about Curabhaya Palace. Purportedly, there is a village between Jalan Pahlawan and Jalan Keramat Gantung.  That area was stood the Curabhaya Palace, now Surabaya. It calls Kampung Keraton. That area is become a destination for the travelers when visit Surabaya. If you want to stay here, it is easy to find hotel in Surabaya.