Visiting Taman Korea Surabaya that will Makes the Travelers Feel Like in Korea

Taman Korea is one of tourist destination that has a concept of nature and City Park. This place is located o Surabaya. This park was built by the government of Surabaya city. This park is representing the good relationship between Indonesia and South Korea. Taman Korea was started to be built in January 2010. Then 5 months after the construction finish it was inaugurated by the Surabaya city mayor.

Description About Taman Korea

Taman Persahabatan Indonesia Korea is the complete name of this park.  But there are many people that called this place as Taman Korea. This beautiful park was built in a land of 1848 m2.

The government of South Korea funded this construction about Rp 544,5 millions. The design and the construction was also done by the South Korea government. The local government of Surabaya just only needs to maintain and keep this park.

The design of this park is inspired by the Taeguk Park in South Korea that has a Yin-Yang theme. Bambang DH and Mr Lim Taek Sun is the leader of the South Korea society that live in Surabya. They are the person that has a brilliant idea about making Taman Korea.

The Beauty of Taman Korea

This park has a wide green grass area and many kind of trees that makes this place cool and fresh. The beauty of this park is also supported by the decorative plants that are beautifully placed around the park.

The air in this park is very fresh and cool that can refresh the body. There is also a fountain in the park that make it more beutiful and fresh. In the middle of the park there is a monument.

Then in the lef and right of the park there are scripts that explain about the history of Taman Korea. In that script is also explained that this park is purposed to become the symbol of Indonesia and South Korea friendship. That script is written in three different languages that are Indonesia, Korean, and English.

This park is located in Dr Soetomo street, this place is chosen because there are many Korean people that lives around this place. Surabaya is chosen to be the place of this park place is because this city has many cooperation with South Korea government.

Taman Korea is usually crowded in the weekend. People like to relax and take photos in this park. This place is also a good photo background because there are many beutiful spots. The travelers will feel like in Korea if visiting this place.