Visiting Kampung Kaum Ningrat or Nobles Complex in Kampung Tua Botoputih Surabaya

Surabaya is not only has Chinatown or Arabian complex or Kampung Arab. This capital city of East Java province has an interesting tourist object to visit that is Kampung Tua Botoputih. This ancient complex is located in Pingitian Street, east from Kampung Ampel.

The complex of Ningrat or Noble

The people of Surabaya are usually called this place as Kampung Ningrat. This is because of this place is the resident of the nobles or royal family in Surabaya.

This place has a strong relation with the Kingdom of Surabaya a long time ago. In this time there is no noble that live in this place but only ordinary people. But the history of the noble can still be found in this place.

Ancient Graveyard

In this place the travelers can see an ancient graveyard. Most of the people buried in here were ningrat or a noble.

The famous nobles that was buried here such as Pangeran Lanang Dangiran or usually called as Ki Ageng Brondong. In the history he was the first mayor or Surabaya and has a noble rank as Kanjeng Adipati.

He is the first son of Sunan Tawangalun or Pangeran Kedhawung. He was the great king from Blambangan Kingdom in Banyuwangi. Ki Ageng Brondong came to this place on 1595.

Ki Ageng Brondong was actively spreading Islam religion in this city that makes him got a high social position in the people society. He was died in the age of 70 on 1638.

Beside Ki Ageng Brondong there is also another famous figure that is buried in here. He is Kanjeng Jimat Djokomono or Kanjeng Tjokronegoro II. He was the second mayor of Sidoarjo. He was known as a successful mayor who brought his city into prospers. The construction of Masjid Agung Sidoarjo was his idea.

Then there are also graves from the last Sultan Banten, Adipati Ario Tjokronegoro IV and Al Habib Syekh Bin Ahmad Bin Abdullah Bafagih. Most of the person who is buried here was a high rank noble in his time.

This ancient graveyard is become the main attraction from this place. But there are also some beautiful old buildings that still in good condition.