Visiting and Enjoying The Unique Nurul Bahri Floating Mosque in Surabaya

Being known as the Heroes City, Surabaya, is also the capital city of East Java Province, offers tourism potential that is no less than other regions. Starting from historical tourism, natural tourism, culinary tourism to religious tourism.

There are many choices that can be visited of religious tourism. Currently attracting attention is the existence of grand mosque. On the coast in Surabaya, there is a floating mosque called Nurul Bahri Mosque.

Nurul Bahri Floating Mosque is indeed built into the sea. The location is in the Naval Academy Bumi Morokembang complex, Surabaya. This mosque building is relatively new there are many people who don’t know it yet. This mosque is a favorite mosque for navy cadets to worship or do other religious activities.

The main purpose of establishing the mosque is to provide a representative place for cadets to worship. This mosque’s building are unique, clean, good in accordance with the maritime-based of naval academy character, it can hope to support the humility of cadets to worship.

The uniqueness of the mosque

This mosque was intentionally made floating without purpose. This shows the identity of the marine and maritime-based naval Academy institutions. The supporting pillars of the mosque stand firmly on the coastline in 1 hectare. When the tide is high, the mosque looks like it is floating.

This architecture from the roof is built like a Javanese roof or joglo that have three levels or layers. From the top is covered with a second roof, then the last roof. There is also a tower as loudspeakers to say the call to prayer to the cadets to immediately worship when the time comes.

In its development, the uniqueness of this mosque attracted public attention. Muslim are interested in praying there. This is the only mosque in Surabaya that has a floating concept.

Besides its purpose for worship, many people also combine it with religious tourism. There are many people who interested in taking pictures and making this unique mosque as a selfie object. No wonder the mosque is not only visited by cadets, but also the common public.

It is located quite far from the downtown, if you want to travel to the Nurul Bahri Floating Mosque is advisable to come with a private vehicle. Then for visitors outside city, it is better to choose a hotel in Surabaya as a place to stay so that it is easy to travel to other tourist locations.