The Unique Cultural Tourist Destination of Kampung Lawas Maspati in Surabaya

Maybe in this modern time not many of Surabaya people that knows about this city history. The history of this city since it was controlled by Mataram kingdom until Dutch colonialism. All of those stories can be found in one place in Bubutan area.

The Bubutan area is one of the proof that Surabya was beautifully managed since many years ago. Just like an Dutch adventurer Artus Gijsels in 17th century, he was said that Surabaya is the Amsterdam from the east.

The History of Kampung Lawas Merpati

When Artus Gijsels arrived in Surabaya he was amazed by the city beauty and wrote it in his journal. This note was written in the Dutch book that has a meaning in Indonesia language that is Figur Tokoh Sejarah Belanda ekspedisi Surabaya ke Pasuruan pada tahun 1706. This book is written in Dutch language.

Then there is Kampung Lawas Maspati that is located directly in the downtown of Surabaya. It is about 500 m from Monumen Tugu Pahlawan. Kampung Lawas Maspati is surrounded with many moderns building, but it still has a local and traditional style.

The Palace building of Mataram Kingdom is also well maintained until now. That is because the effort of Kampung Lawas Maspati people that realized about the important of the history heritage.

The Ticket Price

Ther are some choices for the ticket entry in this place. For the firts package price is Rp 5.000 that is for minimum 5 people and this do not provide any facilities.

The second package is minimum for 10 persons. The price is Rp 10.000, this package provide tour guide. By having tour guide the tourist activity will be more fun.

The third package price is IDR 20.000 that has minimum 10 persons. This package is provides the tourist with tour guide, tour inside the omah lawas, and many traditional games.

The last package is a special for group of tourists. This package price is about Rp. 2.000.000. This package is provided the tourist with tour guide and music patrol performance.

Beside that the travelers can get inside the omah lawas, the production house, and the rumah cantik house that made of recycled waste. The travelers will also get souvenirs. The last package is the most complete and interesting than the others pakcage.