Tunjungan Plaza, the Largest Modern Shopping Tour Center in Surabaya

As a big city and holds the status of a metropolitan city, Surabaya has a large number of modern shopping attractions. One of them is seen as the biggest shopping tour, Tunjungan Plaza. The location is located between Jl. Basuki Rahmad and Jl. Embong Malang, Surabaya City, East Java Province.

Although it is still outnumbered compared to Pakuwon Mall, but Tunjungan Plaza which is also often referred to as its abbreviation, TP is still very interesting to visit. Moreover, the location is very easy to reach and many hotels in Surabaya are very close this shopping destinations.

Shopping Tour for families

Tunjungan Plaza was established for the first time in 1986. At present, the shopping center which has a very modern appearance consists of 6 main buildings. Each of these buildings is connected to an escalator. In addition, each building is given the name Tunjungan Plaza I to Tunjungan Plaza VI.

By carrying out a concept as a family mall, Tunjungan Plaza is a shopping attraction that provides various types of family needs in one place. So it is not surprising that visitors consist of various ages, ranging from children, adolescents, adults to parents.

Complete with facilities and full of entertainment

As a family shopping tourist destination, Tunjungan Plaza has lots of space and outlets that provide various types of goods. Starting from clothing or fashion, shoes, gadget items, electronic objects, household needs and much more, everything can be purchased at this place.

In addition, Tunjungan Plaza also provides special space to accommodate the production of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) from Surabaya City and its surroundings. Various kinds of handicrafts with perfect quality are easy to find at fairly cheap prices.

In Tunjungan Plaza can also be found various types of games, especially for children. But there are also a few rides that only adults can play.

Feeling tired after shopping or enjoying the game, the tourists can rest while filling the stomach in the same location. Dozens of outlets provide a variety of cuisines. From traditional menus to Asian and European cuisines, always ready to satisfy the tongue of the visitors.

Tunjungan Plaza is not only present as a shopping and family attraction. In this modern plaza, travelers can also indulge themselves watching entertainment in the form of available cinema screenings. It can be said that Tunjungan Plaza is a recreational place that is always able to spoil its visitors.