Throw Back at the History of Brave Journalists in Monumen Pers Surabaya

Even though Indonesia has got it freedom in 17 August 1945, but The Dutch still want to take Indonesia as it colony. Because of that the heroic people of Surabaya are in rage to defend the freedom of Indonesia.

This fight is not only using weapon and army, but also the journalist. The journalist has a very important role in this fight, because of that the government built a monument that dedicated for the journalists. This monument is show the struggle of the journalist to fight for Indonesia freedom.

The History

About two weeks after Indonesia declaration of Independent, on 1 September 1945 Kantor Berita Indonesia was founded. Kantor Berita Indonesia has a very important role that makes the monument is dedicated for it.

Then in 18 September 1945 in Hotel Yamato Surabaya there was a incident of Indonesia people that tearing apart Netherland or Dutch national flag that makes it only red and white. There were some journalists that can take photos of this incident.

Among of those journalists, there is one journalist that very famous he is Bung Tomo. Bung Tomo was a journalist that also the freedom fighter of Indonesia. He was never tired to give motivation to the soldier and people of Surabaya and East Java province.

The Merger of Two Journalist Organizations

After the Indonesian army can take the weapon of Japanese soldier weapons, Bung Tomo was immediately informing President Soekarno about it. In that time Bung Tomo was accompanied by his friend Jacob.

In the same time Jacob was meeting Adam Malik. Adam Malik is one the founders of Lembaga Kantor Berita Nasional or LKBN Antara. In this meeting Jacob was asking a permission to Adam Malik to merger Kantor Berita Indonesia Surabaya and LKBN Antara.

In the other side, after the Japanese departure, the Indonesian army must fight for one more time against the Allied force. This situation was forcing the journalist to flee outside of Surabaya city. They went to the city such as Bojonegoro, Sidoarjo and Malang.

When take refugee there are some journalists that create their own newspaper. Even though there are many newspapers they have one goal that is to defend Indonesia independent.

This heroic story was immortalized in the Monument Pers Perjuangan Surabya. It is located in Embong Malang street No. 2 Surabaya. It is very accessible because it is located in the downtown.