Taman Surya Wisata Alam with Urban Nuance in Surabaya City Hall

Just like other regions in Indonesia, Surabaya also has a local government building, namely City Hall. However, the City Hall in Surabaya has its own features and uniqueness because it is equipped with natural attractions in the form of city parks with the official name Taman Surya.

The Location and access

Just by mentioning the name Taman Surabaya City Hall or Taman Surya is right on Jalan Taman Surya No. 01. It is exactly on the front or courtyard of the City Hall. Because it is located in the heart of the city, it is certainly very easy to access it either by public transportation or by a vehicle of its own.

There are no tickets to pay to enter the Surya Park or City Hall Park. However, if you bring a personal vehicle, you must pay a parking fee of 5 thousand rupiah per vehicle.

The attraction and activities

As soon as the foot stepped Taman Balai Kota Surabaya, the tourists immediately got a very cool welcome in the form of a fountain in a very large size. The location is exactly in the middle of the park and consists of one main fountain equipped with several dozen small fountains around the pond.

The concept of structuring Taman Balai Kota Surabaya or Taman Surya uses a minimalist design style. Through this concept, there are many empty spaces that can be used to perform various activities by visitors. There are only a few benches made with cast techniques for rest.

The rest is only in the form of decorative round lights with the most dominant colors of yellow and white. The result of this structuring concept, the park is able to present an elegant but not too luxurious impression. The people, thus, from the lower classes still feel happy and feel at home in this place.

The best time to come to Taman Balai Kota Surabaya is in the evening. Because of at that time, the surrounding natural scenery looks more beautiful. Besides that, there are many activities that can be done besides relaxing such as night jogging, skating boards and so on. Most of those who undergo this activity are children and teenagers.

Taman Balai Kota Surabaya is a city park that is able to provide the best comfort to its visitors. Every tourist who comes is guaranteed not to be disrupted by hawkers who often offer their merchandise by means of a little force.

As a natural tourism object that is very famous, many travelers are interested in visiting Taman Balai Kota Surabaya. Not even a few who come from outside the city. Furthermore, there are many hotels in Surabaya that are always active in providing information on the existence of this park in all of its guests.