Taman Jayengrono, the Oldest Park Full of Struggle in Surabaya

Besides being named as the city of heroes, Surabaya is also very famous for its natural attractions in the form of city parks. The capital of East Java Province has a lot of parks scattered in various regions. Not even a few of these parks are very old, for example Taman Jayengrono.

The Story of the Past

Taman Jayengrono is an urban natural tourist attraction located in the historical area of the Red Bridge. Many say that Jayengrono Park is one of the oldest city parks in Surabaya. It is predicted that the park was made around the nineteenth century.

In the colonial era, Jembatan Merah area was the center of the Surabaya city administration, which at that time was a status of a residency. At that time, this area is often referred to as the Plein Willem area. This mention is also aimed at a park that has now been renamed Taman Jayengrono.

The name change from Taman Willem Plein which was changed toTaman Jayengrono is a form of respect for the figure who served as the first Regent of Surabaya, namely Jayengrono.

The Attraction and Activities

There are many unique sights that can be witnessed by visitors at Taman Jayengrono. For example is a special spot called Spot Mallaby with a form of floor patterns without specific rules on the arrangement.

Its existence is a depiction of a great event during the struggle, a car explosion that killed a British general named Brigadier Mallaby. Not far from this place can also be seen replicas of cars that were detonated by Indonesian independence fighters.

Furthermore, there is another spot called Selasar Prejuangan in the form of a row of walls. On these walls, there are beautiful relief ornaments and close to them are stilts from pointed bamboo which are placed in three different places.

Each has a number of 10, 11 and 45 pointed bamboo, which is a depiction of a historical event in Surabaya that took place on the 10th of the 11th month (November) in 1945. This date was later designated as Heroes’ Day by the Indonesian government.

Still at Taman Jayengrono, a stage that is usually often used to hold various kinds of art or cultural performances and attractions.Tthere are also several colonial-style buildings that have been standing in this park since the Dutch era.

It’s really nice to come to visit the natural attractions and historical tourism in this Taman Jayengrono. Especially for tourists from outside the area who are on vacation and choose a hotel in Surabaya to stay overnight and are interested in learning the history of the city more fully.