Taman Flora, low-priced Educational Tour in Surabaya

In the past few years, Surabaya has seen more success in decorating itself. One proof is that the number of city parks is increasing. The existence of the city parks not only makes the city of Surabaya feel cool, but can also function as a tourist attraction as well as urban nature tourism.

Among the dozens of city parks in the capital of East Java Province, there is one park with a very unique arrangement concept. Its name is Taman Flora which is located on Jl. Manyar and only about 200 meters from Bratang Terminal.

To be a means of education

Taman Flora is not only a place to play. Here tourists can do holiday activities and learn to know various kinds of flora and their living systems. In addition, this park is completed with free internet access or Wifi, with the main purpose of helping students who are doing school task.

Taman Flora was inaugurated in August 2007 and was built on an area of 2.4 hectares. The park has a collection of various types of flora which amount about a hundreds of plants. They are are tubers, various tea, kana, red erva, pandanus and many more.

Taman Flora has not only concept about types of plants but also the collections of various animals. They are deer, peacocks, ostriches, shells and other animals can be found in this place by tourists. Thus, it is very appropriate to be used as an educational media, especially for children

The Fresh and natural atmosphere

Because it is filled with various kinds of plants, Taman Flora is always able to bring a fresh and natural atmosphere to travelers. The atmosphere feels much contrasted with the city of Surabaya, which almost every day tends to be hot because it is located in a coastal area.

Through the coolness, Taman Flora can become a natural tourist attraction as well as an education that is worth to visit together with family. Especially for those who want to relax and enjoy recreational activities in a healthy and natural way. In addition, The park is completed with chairs that can be used to relax

Taman Flora has also a fountain made with a very beautiful design style. This fountain is located right in the middle of a large pond and in the pool there are lots of colorful fish adjoining to the vibrant atmosphere.

By inviting the children to come to these educational tourism destinations, they will indirectly learn the importance of preserving nature. Besides that, for tourists outside the city, it is guaranteed that there will be no trouble finding a hotel in Surabaya that is close to Flora Park.