Siropen Telasih, the First and Original Syrup Product from Surabaya

When visiting Surabaya don’t forget to try its culinary wealth including the souvenirs. Looking for souvenir is easy little but bit difficult. It is easy because the travelers can easily find many souvenir center but the difficulty is the souvenir that usually found is not special and can be bought in out of Surabaya.

But this syrup is only can be found in Surabaya. Almost other cities don’t sell this syrup. Its name is Siropen Telasih. It is very suitable as the souvenir because it is very unique and rare. This syrup exists since Ducth era.

The product of siropen telasih has been exist since 1923. Its factory was built by Dutch people, his name is JC Van Drongelen. Even though the existence of this syrup is almost 100 years but this product is still exist. Even its factory is also exist and located at Mliwis Street Number 5 Surabaya. The building of that factory has Dutch classic style architecture. The name of that factory is Pabrik Siropen Telasih (D/H J.C Van Drongelen)

Historical heritage from the past

It can be said that Siropen Telasih is historical heritage from the past which has high historical value. The existence of this factory that still exist until now so it deserves to be appreciated. But after it is managed by Indonesian, this syrup is sold freely and can be consume for all of people.

At that time Siropen Telasih Factory had ever taken by Japanese invaders. After that on 1958 this factory was taken by Indonesian Government. Since that time, this factory is managed by Perusahaan Industri Daerah Makanan dan Minuman Pemerintah East Java Province. This is the first syrup factory in Indonesia.

The product of siropen telasih has two kinds of products those are Siropen Telasih, and Siropen Premium. Siropen Premium is packed beautifully. The bottle shape like wine bottle and completed with box. From the taste siropen telasih offers eight tastes those are Rose, Frambosen, Vanili, Cocopandan, Jeruk Keprok, Lychee, Arbei, and Melon.

In the making process this product still use traditional technique in order to maintain its taste and fragrance. The manager refuse to use modern machine that consider can make the making process more efficient.

So, it is interesting right? Besides becomes the souvenir the story behind this syrup is very interesting to be learned. So, don’t hesitate to choose Siropen Telasih as the main choice when visiting Surabaya.