Sidotopo Station, The Hits and Famous Photo Locations in Surabaya

Tourism is no longer about the natural beauty, beautiful location, history and so on. The simple things that may be years ago are not important, but for now can be used as a tourist attraction. Depending on how managers explore their potential or also depends on how people enjoy it. In Surabaya, East Java Province, there is a station that popular among young people, especially photography enthusiasts. Its name is Sidotopo Station, which is located in Simokerto Village, Surabaya.

Sidotopo stations a few years ago may not be too interesting. This station is used to accommodate freight cars as parking and maintenance of passenger and locomotive trains. This station, which is under the authority of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Surabaya Operational Area (Daop) VIII, is no longer used for the departure of passengers. Then what’s the interesting in here?


In here, there is also a place to repair locomotives under the authority of Surabaya Daop VIII and is the most extensive locomotive depot in the Indonesian region. Having 18 emplacement, this station also establishes as the station with the most emplacement in Indonesia.

Many unused train and locomotives are also parked here. Well, these piles of trains or locomotives are seen by photographers as the location of photos that produce artistic photos.

Not only for photos just for fun, this location often used as a location for pre wedding photos. It has many interesting angles that can produce beautiful photos.

The location of the Sidotopo Station is sterile for the public. But over time, many people, especially young people who try to enter to take pictures. Spreading photos with the background of Sidotopo Station on social media makes the station’s name more famous.

To access the Sidotopo Station area it would be better to ask permission from the guard. This is important because it is a private location. Moreover, there are many activities that require a high level of security in this place.

Nowadays there are also many young people who idly choose the location to relax especially in the afternoon. And like other stations in Indonesia, it is not difficult to find hotels in Surabaya that are located in this area. So tourists can take a trip to other attractions.