Sega Sambel Mak Yeye Surabaya, the Main Culinary Choice for Spicy Lovers

For the travelers who want to stroll and holiday in Surabaya, be ready to try the culinary wealth in this city. There are various culinaries that are very delicious. From traditional foods, until snacks can be found in Surabaya.

One of culinary tourism that now can attract the travelers is Sega Sambel Mak Yeye. It is located at Jagir Wonokromo Wetan Street Number 12, Surabaya. Like its name Sega means rice. so, sega sambel means rice with sauce.

The main menu is nasi penyet

The main menu of Sega Sambel Mak Yeye is nasi penyet. Exactly if we talk about nasi penyet it cannot be separated from sambal. This food is simple but very popular in Indonesia right now.

So, what is the specialty of Sega Sambel Mak Yeye? The specialty of this food is sambel which is very spicy. It is very suitable for spicy lovers.

Stingray as the side dish

A portion rice with spicy sambal will be more complete if it is combined with various side dish. There are various side dishes in here like roasted stingray, omelet, fried tofu and tempeh. It looks simple but the spicy sambel makes it more special.

There are many visitors who want to add the rice because sambal and the side dish of this food stall can arouse the appetite. The service of this food stall is not interesting but no one knows why it can arouse the appetite.

A portion of sega sambel has very much sambel until it covers the side dish and rice. So this matter makes the visitors feel addicted and want to visit this place again. Many visitors very like this food stall because they want to try the roasted stingray.

This food stall has been existed since 21 years ago. So if the travelers are interested to try this food, Sambel Mak Yeye is open at 10 pm to 12 am.