Sate Karak Surabaya, Old Culinary from Surabaya

Travelers can find various culinary in Surabaya. One of the culinary is Sate Karak. Travelers must be curious about the visual of Sate Karak.

Legendary Culinary from Surabaya

Sate karak is a traditional culinary which is popular in Surabaya. This is a dish from Ampel, Surabaya. Sate karak often became a breakfast dish which is existed since 1960. Now, sate karak is hardly found.

The Shape of Sate Karak

Karak which is served is not a rice chip. The main ingredient of sate karak is jeroan sapi (beef offal) especially intestines which mix with secret spices. Like another satay, Sate karak served skewered using a stick and grilled over charcoal. Usually, sate karak is not just using the intestine, but mixed with pieces of meat.

Served With Black Glutinous

Sate karak served with black glutinous. The texture of black glutinous is not really sticky and easy to eat. Travelers will addict to this satay. The combination of sate karak, black glutinous, and srundeng spices will melt your mouth. Sate karak served with srundeng spices which have savory and sweet flavor.

There are also other spices such as soy powder with a special spicy flavor. If you dont like black glutinous, you can eat it with rice or lontong.

The Price of Sate Karak

Sate Karak is sold about Rp 10.000 per portion. One portion of sate karak has 5 satays. Travelers can buy how many portions they want and the seller will serve it to their table. So, if you want to go to Surabaya, don’t forget to eat Sate Karak. This culinary is worth to try.