Relaxing Travel While Explore Culinary Tours In G-Walk Surabaya

A trip to Surabaya, which is the capital of East Java Province, it will not be complete if it does not try to explore the culinary of the City of Heroes. Culinary wealth in this city is already well known, from the traditional to contemporary cuisine.

Snack centers also scattered throughout the city to pamper our tongue. One of them is the G-Walk area. This is an a culinary tourism concepts combined with entertainment. It is located on Jalan Niaga Gapura No.14, Lontar, Sambikerep, Surabaya. This area is open 24 hours and the visitors can enjoy the cuisines from the traditional to the modern. G-Walk is perfect to visit in night because all of the sellers is open their stalls. For travelers, coming at night does not have to worry because you can find hotels in Surabaya for staying here.

This area is fun to hanging out. It has dozens of restaurants, cafes, stalls that always arranged in booth which reaches 1 km in length. Visitors can enjoy the delicious food while relaxing or just shopping window in night market. The crowded time is weekend.

Variant menu

The menu in the G-Walk area is varied and can treat the visitors of tastes. There are traditional local menus such as lontong, corn rice, gado-gado, nasi uduk, durian sticky rice and others. Besides that, you can also enjoy junk food such as pizza, burgers, spaghetti and others. The cuisine such as Singapore and Vietnam is available here.

For those who miss angkringan food, G-Walk is also available such as nasi kucing, ginger rice, intestine satay, lemon tea and so on. It accommodates all the tastes of visitors from the lower class to the upper class. Enjoying the culinary is the best way to spend time in the night with family or friends.

This delicious food is relative affordable prices for large cities such as Surabaya, interesting events are also held in the G-Walk. For example Citraland Superfest to Cross Culture Festival which displays the cultures of other countries and indigenous cultures of Indonesia.

The events are always able to attract the attention of visitors. For tourists who come to Surabaya, don’t forget to take time to visit G-Walk. Beautiful memories and never forgotten will surely be created in this culinary attraction.