Surabaya is well-known as a second metropolitan city after Jakarta. So, there are many delicious culinary in this city. One of them is called Pecel Semanggi. It is a delicious and healthy food special of Surabaya. You must taste it when you’re visiting Surabaya city.

Semanggi Leaf as a Main Ingredient

To get special menu of Pecel Semanggi, you can visit to Bungkul park where there are many sellers of Pecel Semanggi. The name Semanggi is taken from the main ingredient of this food, it is Semanggi leaf. The process of Semanggi leaf is not difficult, it is cooked with boiled water or steamed. It is served in banana leaves with topping of boiled kale and bean sprouts. To make the savory taste, it is added with peanuts sauce made from peanuts and palm sugar.

The Taste

The taste of Pecel Semanggi is not different from other pecel. But, the sweet taste from pecel Semanggi is from palm sugar and it feels softer than others. You can eat kerupuk puli to complete this menu. For the price, you just only pay Rp.8.000,- to Rp. 10.000,- / portion. You can find pecel Semanggi is not only in Surabaya, but in other cities, such as Banyuwangi this special menu can be found.

This menu can attract many tourists to taste it. Moreover, it has reasonable price. Usually, a seller of Pecel Semanggi is wearing a traditional clothe, jarik. Most of them is women. They walk around this city to sell pecel Semanggi.

Maybe the existence of Pecel Semanggi is compete with other traditional culinary in Surabaya city. But, for you who love a healthy food, pecel semanggi can be your best choice. It can make your body healthier because it contains many vegetables and vitamins.