Pasar Bong, the Center of Hajj gifts that is Cheapest and Popular in Surabaya

Hajj is a worship that very dreamed of Muslims around the world including Indonesia. Going to do Hajj becomes the experience that must be thankful. One of the forms of thankful is buying souvenirs for family or friends.

But unfortunately buying souverinir when doing Hajj is very complicated. No wonder if there are many merchant who sell Hajj souvenirs that imported from Mecca directly.

Those souvenir for example are tasbih, perfume, air zam-zam, Arabic peanut, pacar (like nail polish), veil and many more. The existences of those merchants are very help each of pilgrims even the government who has role as the Hajj organizer.

Pasar Bong

In Surabaya there is the center of Hajj Souvenir that located at Slompretan Street namely Pasar Bong. The location of this market is not far from Kembang Jepun, Makam Sunan Ampel, and Jembatan Merah.

At that time Pasar Bong was the Chinese funeral then now this becomes the shopping tourism object. The Chinese Funeral was called Chineesche Breestraat. There is a small alley that called Pasar Bong and at that time it was the market for selling animals like bird, dog, rabbit, and many more. So, at that time this market was popular as the market of bird and chicken.

Always crowded at Ramadhan Month

The unique things from Pasar Bong are not like general market. This market just like population settlement but in here all of the Hajj equipment are available.

This market is open every day and usually becomes crowded on Ramadhan Month or approaching Eid Al-Fitr and on the Hajj season. The visitors crammed with the sellers in the the hallway.

Many food from Arab like dates, raisins and Arabic corn are also available here but the most popular souvenirs when the Hajj season is Zamzam water. Trader’s turnover also rose to more than 50 percent.

Even before go to Hajj, there are many pilgrims that have already ordered those souvenirs. Pasar Bong becomes the destination for many people from Surabaya and out of Surabaya. There are many travelers who choose Pasar Bong as the place for shopping Hajj souvenirs.