Museum Kesehatan Surabaya, the Museum that has Educational and Knowledge Value

In order to protect the culture heritage of Indonesia, The Health Department of Indonesia built a museum in Surabaya that is Museum Kesehatan Surabaya. It is located on Indrapura 17 Street, Kemayoran, Krembangan sub district, Surabaya, East Java province.

This museum is one of educational tourist object that open from Monday until Friday. It started to open from 09.00 am – 03.15 pm. The ticket price is very reasonable that is only Rp. 1.500 per person.

The History

This place has a complete name that is Museum Kesehatan Dr. Adhyatma, MPH. This museum was built in 1990. The man who founded the museum is Dr Haryadi Soeparto who was a medical doctor. Even though this place was built in 1990 but it was inaugurated in 2004 by the minister of health at that time, he is Dr. Ahmad Sujudi.

In the same time and place there was also built a library that has the collection of books, magazines, recorded cassette, video and many more. Those collection are contains with the development of health in Indonesia.

Before it is fuction as a museum, this building was used as genital hospital. At that time that hospital was becoming the largest hospital in South East Asia with international standard.

The Rooms and Collections

This place is separated into three rooms and each of it is separated into some parts. The first is Ruangan Kesehatan Sejarah, The second room is Ruangan Kesehatan Iptek and the last is Ruangan Kesehatan Budaya.

When entering the museum the first thing the travelers will see is the statue of Dewa Airlangga and many of old medical tools. The travelers can also find many tools such as ancient sex toys, microscope, and special chair for women that give birth, chair for dentist and many more.

This place is also keeping unique and unusual collections such as Nini Thowok doll and Jaelangkung. In the past those dolls was used as a mystic tools to cure a disease.

Then there are many pictures that show the old lifestyle and culture from the past. One of the picture shows that in the past people that has a mental illness was chain and lock with wooden stock. There are also many collection of preserved animals’ body. Those animals are the one that can bring disease to human.

Beside Jaelangkung and Nini Thowok, this museum is also another mystical collection. The collections such as the santet tools or vodoo tools.

The modern’s medical equipments and tools are also displayed in this museum. The travelers will get a lot of knowledge from this place.