Masjid Rahmat Kembang Kuning, the Mosque that Become the Marker for the Sholat Pray Time

All of mosques in Indonesia must have a history and special value behind it. Just like Masjid Kembang Kuning that is located in Kembang Kuning street no.79-81, Kelurahan Darmo, Wonokromo district, Surabaya, East Java province.

This ancient mosque is also become religious building for tourist object. This mosque is become the time marker for sholat pray for Surabaya people. The people of Gresik and Sidoarjo also make this mosque as the time marker for sholat.

The History of Masjid Kembang Kuning

This mosque is the most magnificent mosque in the Darmo area. But in the first construction in the 14 century this mosque was very simple. The building was only small and simple that made of bamboo and straw.

This mosque was built by Raden Rahmat or known as Sunan Ampel. In that time he was returned from Majapahit Kingdom. Before arriving in Ampledeto (a village in Malang city), Sunan Ampel stopped by in Kembang Kuning after crossing the river with boat.

In Kembang Kuning, Sunan Ampel actively spreading the Islam religion to the people, but he was got rejection from the local people that is Mbah Wirasoeroyo or Ki Mbang Kuning. In that time he was followed Hindu religion. Sunan Ampel can convince him to follow Islam after having a discussion with him.

Then Sunan Ampel was married with the Karimah the daughter of Ki Mbang Kuning. Afer that Sunan Ampel built a mosque to be the center of Islam religion in Kembang Kuning. This small mosque is the beginning of the establishment of Masjid Rahmat whose name is taken from Sunan Ampel.

The Fucntion Of Masjid Rahmat

There is no exact time from when Masjid Rahmat is becoming the time marker for Sholat pray for Surabaya people. But if Masjid Rahmat is not doing adzan call yet so do the other mosques. The other mosque are waiting to Masjid rahmat to do the Adzan call first.

Based on the people story from the beginning of it construction this mosque has a exact kiblat direction to the Kakbah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Until now this direction is never change.

This mosque is still doing the teaching of Sunan Ampel like wiridan, tahlilan, and megengan. This place is very perfect for spiritual and religious trip in Surabaya.