Kiai Haji Mas Mansyur from Surabaya, His Sacrifice is Very Important to Indonesia

KH. Mas Mansyur is prominent Islamic fighters and national heroes of Indonesia. His mother is Raudhah, a wealthy woman who came from the family of Pesantren Sidoresmo Wonokromo.

His father is KH. Mas Achmad Marzoeqi. He is the pioneer of Islam and well-known religious expert in East Java. KH. Mas Achmad Mazoeqi comes from the descendants of Asta Tinggi Sumenep nobility. He is also known as permanent imam and khatib in Ampel Mosque. In those days, iman and Khatib were such honorable positions.

Educational Period of KH. Mas Mansyur Surabaya

When he was a child, KH. Mas Mansyur taught by his father. Besides, KH. Mas Mansyur also studied in Pesantren Sidoresmo. In 1906, when KH. Mas Mansyur was 10 years old, he sent by his father to Ponpes Demangan, Madura.

In Ponpes Demangan, KH. Mas Mansyur learned Al-Quran with Kiai Khalil. Not long after the learning process, Kiai Khalil passed away. So, KH. Mas Mansyur left the pesantren then returned to Surabaya.

Study in Egypt and Mecca

After went back to Ponpes Demangan in 1908, he was asked by his parents to do Hajj and study in Mecca. After 4 years, the situation and condition make him move to Egypt.

At that time, the ruler of Saudi Arabia issued an instruction if a stranger should leave Mecca in order to not get involved in political disputes. At first, his father did not allow because the image of Egypt at that time was not good in his father’s point of view.

KH. Mas Mansyur still went to Egypt. In Egypt, he learned to Syaikh Ahmad Maskawih and stay in Egypt for 2 years and them go to Mecca for 1 year, and then back to Indonesia.

Leadership Style of KH. Mas Mansyur

KH. Mas Mansyur was chosen as Ketua Pengurus Besar Muhammadiyah. He worked as the teacher in Madrasah Mu’allimin Muhammadiyah. As the leader, he is so disciplined. He always comes on time at every meeting.

In Islamic politics that time, KH. Mas Mansyur makes many breakthroughs. Actually, before he became Ketua Pengurus Besar Muhammadiyah, he joined many Islamic politic activities. After he became a leader, he immediately made a politic breakthrough which is a success for Muslim.

KH. Mas Mansyur also became the 4 national figure and known as Empat Serangkai. Although coming from Surabaya, but his name is known until Kediri region even to the national level.