Kenjeran Beach, Two Natural Tourist Object in One Location in Surabaya

Surabaya is commonly known as a transit city for the travelers who want to explore East Java. But actually, this city still has several natural tourist destinations that are very interesting to be visited. One of them is Kenjeran Beach

Two tourist object in one location

This tourist object is only 9 km for the downtown Surabaya and can be reached by private transportation or public transportation. The unique thing from this beach because of this beach has two tourist objects in one location. The first is Kenjeran Lama Beach and the second is Ria Kenjeran Beach.

Kenjeran Lama Beach is located in Raya Pantai Lama Street 12, Kenjeran, Bulak Surabaya. Then Ria Kenjeran Beach is located in Sukolilo 100 Street, Sukolilo Baru, Bulak, Surabaya. Even though the address is different but both of them are located in the same district and the distance is not too far.

Kenjeran Lama Beach

Kenjeran Lama Beach is a natural tourist destination that put forward conventional activities. But this beach still has the high attractiveness, it is the beautiful view. The atmosphere in this beach is quiet. It is very suitable for the travelers that like to be alone away from the crowd.

The wave in this beach is pretty quiet. Therefore it makes the travelers more free to play in the water without feel worry. For the travelers who want to explore the sea this beach has a facility for renting a boat and the price is very affordable.

While enjoying Surabaya traditional dish at the shore the travelers can also enjoy the beauty and greatness of Suramadu Bridge clearly. The atmosphere will thrill heart when sunset is coming and the bridge lamps are turning on.

Ria Kenjeran Beach

Ria Kenjeran Beach is different with Kenjeran Lama Beach because it has modern concept as the main attractiveness. There are some buildings that have Chinese nuance like Kya-kya Seaside, Dewi Kwan Im Statue, Sanggar Agung Temple and Tian Ti Pagoda. All of them are interesting object for being visited and as place for photography activity.

There are modern facilities in this beach like horse racing area, playground until water park. The gate of this beach was made with unique architecture. Therefore the buildings in this place look like buildings in the fairytale.

The choice is in the traveler’s hands. For those who like the natural atmosphere, Kenjeran Lama can be a main destination. But for the travelers who like the modern atmosphere, they would be more interested to visit Ria Kenjeran Beach. But both of them are have their special thing that are worth to be enjoyed.