Kaos Cak Cuk, the Most Unique and Popular Souvernir T-shirt from Surabaya

One of t-shirt products from Yogyakarta is Dagadu that has been popular at that time. Its name is very popular until if we are visiting Yogyakarta it feels incomplete if we don’t buy that product. Then in Bali there is also t-shirt product namely Joger that also popular among the travelers.

It is not different with Yogyakarta and Bali, there is a t-shirt product from Surabaya. Its name is Kaos Cak Cuk that becomes the most unique t-shirt from Surabaya. Same with Dagadu and Joger, this t-shirt product also designed uniquely. This matter is one of marketing strategies in order to get a lot of consumers.

The initiator of Kaos Cak Cuk is Dwita Roesmika and Hendra Wardhana. These figures are open a souvernir shop with Surabaya as its background. For the first time they are open the outlet at Dharmawangsa 35 Street in Surabaya. This business is pioneered since 2005 and introduced on Hero’s Day.

Social criticism

Then Kaos Cak Cuk becomes a brand that getting known people. This matter cannot be separated from the using of creative ideas that are liked by many young people. Fun and unique design with social critism are presented in the design of the t-shirt.

The selection of Cak Cuk name came from Surabaya language where is Cak means the call of man then Cuk means like curse. Those things are in step with the first concept of this product. This concept is considered very close with daily life of local people so it can attract many people.

Then its name is getting popular then it gets very good response from t-shirt lovers. Besides, the design is very close with local people culture. The travelers usually buy this t-shirt as the souvenir.

Besides introducing t-shirt as the main purpose, Cak Cuk also creates other souvernirs like pin, magnet, statue, mug, bag, remi (like domino card), and  monopoli. The prices of those souvernirs are affordable start from IDR 5.000 until IDR 64.000.

At this time Cak Cuk has many official outlets in many spots of Surabaya. Like at Mayjen Sungkono 35 Street, Kedungcowek 71 Street, Juanda Airport, until Ahmad Yani Street. It is guaranteed the travelers will find those outlet easily to buy some souvenirs like t-shirt and many more.