Jembatan Merah, Landmark Of The History In Surabaya

When visiting Surabaya, which is the capital of East Java Province, seems to be incomplete if they do not visit inherited from history. The city of Heroes does have a lot of historical attractions that witness the struggle of the Indonesian people against the invaders.

One of the high historical buildings that is closely related to Surabaya is the Jembatan Merah (Red Bridge). Even so famous, this building was made a song with the same name e, which this song was famous.

Jembatan Merah is a building of historical monument in the Surabaya. Being one of the main routes that accommodates the mobility of people in their time and today, this bridge crosses above Kali mas.

At that time, the VOC used this bridge to go to the Surabaya Residency Building or commonly called Internationale Crediet en Verening Rotterdam. Until 1905, the Surabaya Residency office became the center of the Surabaya administration.

A simple bridge

At the beginning of its construction, this bridge actually only used simple construction form  wood material. But its development experienced a number of improvements. The construction of a bridge that has been hundreds of years old is the result of the agreement of King Pakubowono II of Mataram with the VOC on 11 November 1743, to support the progress of Surabaya at that time.

In the agreement between PB II from Mataram and the VOC was stated that if some northern coastal areas were submitted to the VOC. Including the Surabaya region under Dutch colonialism.

In development was continues to develop, it was called Plein Willem area. The area was crowded before the port of Tanjung Perak was completed in 1910, many sailboats leaned back.

Jembatan Merah began to undergo major changes around 1890, where the guardrail which was then made of wood was converted to iron. Until now, the bridge construction is still quite strong. As the name, this bridge is also painted in red.

Before, the paint used was yellow. When there was a battle at the beginning of independence, the bridge was covered in red blood from the bodies of the fighters and defenders of Indonesian independence. Furthermore, to capture these memories, the bridge was replaced with a red color. The condition is in good maintained, because this bridge is considered to have an important historical meaning. Besides that, it is also a historical marker that will be remembered by the next generation.

Red Bridge is a historical tourist destination. Now it is one of the important landmarks of Surabaya. For travelers from other regions who want to find hotels in Surabaya, not far from Jembatan Merah, it is easy to find accommodation facilities.