History in the Navy Fleet House Museum Surabaya

Surabaya has long been famous as a maritime city and has been the main gate of the Majapahit Kingdom from the outside world. The city is also called the city of heroes, in connection with the history of the nation’s struggle to win independence from colonialism. The rest, Surabaya is a Navy headquarters.

Based on these reasons, a museum was established which was related to the history of the Navy which was given the name Fleet House Surabaya. The location is located in Surabaya’s Armatim Command (Koarmatim) complex. The inauguration was held on October 29, 2014 by the Chief of Naval Staff (KSAL) who was then held by Indonesian Admiral Dr. Marsetio.

Slogan and arrangement concept

The Surabaya Fleet House Museum carries the slogan ‘Historia Magista Vitae’ which means that history is a teacher in life. Visiting this museum, a traveler will be invited to witness various collections in the form of objects and photographs from the past in full.

Through the neat arrangement concept with modern style space design techniques, each collection is always given information and very complete information. The form is in the form of writing that is placed under objects or photo collections.

Some of them contain stories that have links with the existence of the Republic of Indonesia Fleet and the history of its struggle since the era before independence until the Indonesian nation succeeded in achieving its independence.


The traveler has the opportunity to see a replica of the statue of Dewaruci from wood and is given a golden yellow color. In the past in the archipelago, the statue of Dewaruci was often placed in the bow of a ship, exactly at the bottom of the pillar of the pole or on the front of the ship.

In addition there are several ancient cannons, made of iron metal and copper relics of the sixteenth century to XVIII. Then there were weapons systems from decades ago that were equipped with important notes in brief. Several dozen types of defense equipment from ancient times also come on display and exhibited in this museum.

In the next room, there are various kinds of missiles from modern times. For example cannons, missile weapons, torpedoes and others. Furthermore, it can be seen also the miniature of the Irian KRI Warship produced from the Soviet Union, which was operated by the Indonesian Navy in 1960. Clothing made in the United States classic 91 kg diving uniforms were also seen in the same room.

After watching various kinds of collections, exploration can be continued in the theater room. In this last room a traveler can watch a documentary screening. The content, of course, is related to the history of the Armada trip along with the Navy from time to time.

As a historical and educational tourism object, Surabaya Fleet House Museum is a suitable destination to visit. Especially for travelers and travelers who are interested in Indonesian maritime history.