Exploring Further in Museum Kanker Indonesia in Surabaya

Holiday to historical museum, art museum or science museum exactly those usually happen. But visiting illness museum maybe will be one of unusual vacation. Actually the existence of this museum can give knowledge for its visitors, like other museums.

In Indonesia especially Surabaya, East Java Province there is a educational tourism object that very unique namely Museum Kanker Indonesia (MKI). This museum is located at Kayun Street Number 16-18, Surabaya. This museum is very interesting because it able to give new knowledge for its visitors about the dangerous cancer and the way to avoid them.

Museum Kanker is the first cancer museum in Indonesia. This museum usually becomes a recommendation for them who want to know further about cancer. This museum was built by Yayasan Kanker Wisnuwardhana at November 2 2003.

Various collection of museum

This museum has various collections about cancer. There are 30 cancer props that displayed in this museum. Start from cancer props of bones, cancer props of breast. Cancer props of lymph, cancer props of lungs, and many more

This museum also equipped with double headed microscope to see cancer cell. Each of room corner there are an explanation start from the symptoms until the way to solve them.

This museum was established by Ananto Sidohutomo with purposes as the education facility, community service, and place of research. Besides this museum also has purpose as the educational tourism object in Surabaya.

The other collections

In this museum there are also historical collections, culture, things to early cancer detection. In here the travelers also know how to overcome cancer in promotive, preventive, early detection, diagnostic, curative, rehabilitative, and palliative past, present and future.

There is also the record about the number of cancer cervix patients who passed away from the entire world. Cancer cervix is one of cancer that the highest cause of death in women

This museum allows many visitors from many circles. But this museum also very foccuss to attract young people like Senior High School Students and Students. They become the selection for campaign to prevent cancer.

Hopefully the early education about cancer can prevent cancer to develop quickly. So, the conclution this museum is an interesting place to be chosen as the holiday destination, especially when holiday in Surabaya.