Exploring while Enjoying the Uniqueness of Museum Rudi Isbandi in Surabaya

Holiday in Surabaya, East Java Province the travelers will find many tourism objects. Start from nature tourism object, religious tourism object, educational tourism object, culinary tourism object until explore art museum. All of those objects are available in Surabaya.

One of museum that is attracting the attention of people is Museum Rudi Isbandi. This museum is very unique and interesting and different with other art museums.

Fine art museum

Museum Rudi Isbandi actually is a fine art museum. Some of people said that this museum is fine art museum that combine between fine art museum and other components so it can create creation which has unique and beautiful art value.

Museum Rudi Isbandi is located in Karang Wismo I Street Number 10, Surabaya. Actually some people dont know with the existence of this museum except they ask to art lovers.

It is not too far from Airlangga University especially campus B. From campus B, the travelers can enter in the Srikan Street then go straight until find an alley with name plate “Mie Neraka”. This museum is located near with that alley.

Utilize secondhand

Visiting this museum, the travelers will see artworks that have price hundreds of millions rupiah. The owner is Rudi Isbandi even he does not hesitate to accompany the visitors. after that he will give an explanation to explain the meaning behind his painting.

In this museum there are more than 200 fine arts that displayed neatly with natural light from sunshine. With the lightning style so the travelers are better to visit this museum before sunset.

Rudi Isbandi uses paint poured on the canvas then combined with various things like nut and bolt, bicycle gear, woodworking tools, broken radio, and the other secondhand. The result is very interesting and has high art value.

Rudi Isbadi is an artist that is popular in Surabaya. He is an art maestro that has ever got award from Egypt and East Java Province Government. He has painted almost 60 years and more interested with contemporary style. If the travelers want to visit this museum is open from 8 am to 12 pm, then open again at 4 pm to 9 pm. The travelers just need to pay the entrance ticket for IDR 5.000 per person.