The Most Exciting Culinary Tour in Surabaya, Pakuwon Food Festival

Doing a trip indeed makes the stomach feel hungry. Well, this time the tourists can try culinary tour Pakuwon Food Festival Surabaya. This city is always presents a variety of tourist options that are very complete and one of them is a food hunting tour.The tourists who intend to visit the city of Surabaya, must take a moment to stop at the culinary tourism destination Pakuwon Food Festival. This culinary was officially opened to the public in 2008 which is located on Mall Pakuwon City.


Pakuwon City is the largest and most prominent mall in the hero city of Surabaya East Java. Because it is located on the inside of Mall Pakuwon City, then this tour is already warm in the ears of tourists in the area of Surabaya. The address and access to the location is also easy to reach, both by public transport and private vehicles.

Culinary Tour Pakuwon Food Festival Surabaya provides service with 100 food stands. 100 food stand which presents various variants of the menu of the dish is of particular concern especially for the citizens of Surabaya itself.

This is the characteristic of Pakuwon culinary tour of Surabaya. To pamper the tongue of culinary fans, always served a very tasty food menu typical to the tastes of the Javanese. Another advantage of pakuwon culinary attractions is there is a menu of foreign food such as Indian martabak.

Similarly, other oriental and European nuances are also available. In addition, of course not miss the traditional menus typical of the archipelago. Food and beverage menu provided is very complete, so that tourists can choose according to taste.

Music and new friends

Entertainment art music that is held every day also makes the tourists more interested to visit this one culinary tour. Various musical genres are often performed as supporters of the festivities and the comfort of the atmosphere when the traveler eats the shade and drinks ordered.

In this place, in addition to lunch and dinner the tourists can gather with friends, college friends to large families to discuss or meet miss. There are many communities that can meet the traveler with new friends. So culinary tour pakuwon food festival Surabaya is also very fun to use for hanging out young children.

Talk about pricing, although located in a modern shopping center but traveler does not have to worry about the affair. Almost all types of dishes offered in this culinary tourist destination are very friendly in purses and pockets. No need to spend the budget up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to enjoy the delicacy of selected foods.