The Excitement when Tasting Nasi Babat Cak Yasin from Surabaya that Has Spicy and Tasty Taste

It can be said that Surabaya is culinary heaven. No wonder if there are many travelers who are visiting Surabaya just want to explore the culinary wealth in Surabaya. Start from main course until snack cannot be missed.

Various culinary wealth in Surabaya can be found in the afternoon and night. One of foods that must be tried when visiting Surabaya is Nasi Babat Cak Yasin. This food is only available in the night.

Nasi Babat Cak Yasin is located at Raya Dukuh Kupang Street, Surabaya. From its appearance this food stall looks simple but this food stall is very crowded even the visitors must be queue in order to enjoy a portion of Nasi Babat.

The simple recipe

Even night the visitors will more crowd. Even though the travelers must be queue but the service is not slow. This matter makes the travelers feel happy.

So, what is the specialty of Nasi Babat? Some of us maybe know about babat, babat is the part of cow offal. It tastes very delicious. Even some of us are babat lovers. Babat can be cooked into various foods including as the additional ingredients of other foods.

From Nasi Babat Cak Yasin, babat is fried then it is served with rice, sambal korek and cucumber plus basil as the side dish. But is the recipe of nasi babat simple? The answer is not, because to fry babat the sellers use secret seasonings.

Not every people can cook babat well. If there is a mistake when cooking babat, babat will taste very chewy. But babat Cak Yasin is very tender and tasty. This matter makes the travelers feel addicted.

To get one portion of Nasi Babat, the travelers have to pay for IDR 15.000. This food stall does not only provide babat but also various cow offals. Nasi Babat Cak Yasin is open every day at 7 pm to 12 am.

If the travelers want to get new experience when exploring culinary in Surabaya, Nasi Babat Cak Yasin can be the main choice. Especially it has very delicious taste and its location is accessible.