The Excitement of Enjoying the Fruits’ Freshness in the Surabaya Undaan Fruit Garden

Surabaya currently has a new nature tourism city concept namely Taman Buah Undaan Surabaya. The location is on Jl. North Sutorejo, Dukuh Sutorejo, Mulyorejo District, Surabaya City East Java Province.

From the gas station to the city park

In the past, before the area was transformed into a park, it functioned as a gas station. Then after the contract period with the gas station manager runs out, the local city government decides to make a total change of the function of the land which is then built a city park.

Taman Buah Undaan was inaugurated in 2009. Its location is in a very strategic, so that tourists from any direction can access it easily. Besides that, what is even more exciting is that there are several hotels in Surabaya scattered around the park. So that tourists outside the city will not be bothered to find a place to stay to make a visit.

The Attractiveness

Although named as a fruit garden, tourists will not find fruits or fruit plants in the original form in Taman Buah Undaan. Even so, there is a uniqueness that travelers can find and feel. All seating or chairs to relax in the park are made with special designs in the form of fruits.

For example, there is a chair that resembles a papaya fruit which is given a bright red orange color, similar to the original color of the fruit. Replica of the fruit displayed in the form of this chair is not made in the form of whole fruit. There is a part cut in the middle and at this point the tourists can sit and relax.

The same design concept is also applied to other chairs such as star fruit, bananas, mangoes, apples and so on. All have a very funny and unique appearance and are very comfortable to sit around while enjoying the panorama around the park.

Besides being equipped with a variety of fruit-shaped seating, Taman Buah Undaan also has a very big fountain in the middle of the park. The existence of this fountain makes the park look more beautiful and amazes anyone who sees and visits it.

The breezy and fresh atmosphere is always felt in this park, because it is filled with various kinds of thick, leafy trees. Some ornamental plants with an equally attractive appearance are neatly arranged in most areas of the park.

In addition, to enjoy its beauty and uniqueness, many other activities can be done while visiting the park. There are available some jogging trails that are very comfortable for running sports. Other specialty is no ticket fees that must be paid when entering the park.