The Excitement of Enjoying Delicious Ribs at Leko Warung Surabaya

It is Leko Warung and its location is on Jl. Manyar Kertorajo V / 9 Gubeng, Surabaya City, East Java Province. This culinary tourism object offers a main menu in the form of ribs with a very sweet taste. From then and now, it is really famous so that every day is always crowded with visitors.

Moreover, its location is in a very strategic place, where many hotels in Surabaya are operating near the tavern which is quite close to the Gubeng Fire Station. Thus, for a traveler who comes from another city and stays at those hotels, it will certainly not be difficult to find and visit it.

Suasana ruang makan

The Dining room atmosphere

Warung Leko occupies a building with a fairly large size and has a very interesting architectural style. The dining room is also quite spacious and has the capacity to accommodate dozens of visitors at once. Similarly, the parking lot can also be used to park many vehicles.

Entering the dining room at Warung Leko, tourists will immediately be greeted with such an airy atmosphere. This room is painted with the dominant color of beige, so it is felt bright but very cool. Moreover, there is the presence of lighting lamps which also function as decorative lights in large sizes.

The atmosphere is really fun to relax while enjoying a meal served by waiters who are always friendly to all visitors. Optimal satisfaction will surely be felt by every tourist when visiting here.


Ribs main course

Warung Leko offers main dishes in the form of food that uses basic ingredients from ribs. In this place, tourists can taste selected menus such as iga penyet, fried ribs and very special flavored ribs. The meat is not tough and always feels tender on the tongue.

The sauce consists of various variations, so it can be chosen according to taste. There is an ordinary spicy, very spicy and extra spicy. All are able to spoil the tongue of the visitor, even many people who want some more.

Besides the ribs as the main dish, Warung Leko also provides several other dishes that have no less delicious taste like buntut penyet or fried, empal penyet, tempe penyet or fried and so on. Each menu is always able to invite the tastes of the audience.

Although classified as a luxury culinary attraction, Warung Leko Surabaya still set a very friendly price. Each menu is only priced at around Rp. 12,000 to Rp. 80,000 only. It will be very sorry when you are on vacation in Surabaya but do not stop at this diner.