The Excitement to Enjoy the Natural Tourism by Riding a Boat in Kalimas Surabaya

Not only rich in historical and culinary attractions and shopping, Surabaya also has many natural tourist destinations with the concept of activities that are very unique and interesting. The examples is riding a boat get along the Kalimas river. For travelers, of course this activity will be an experience that can be forgotten easily.

The Location, Access and accommodations

The Ddestinations and natural tourism activities are located in the Achievement Park area which has been very popular among nature tourism lovers. The park is on Jl. Ketabang No. 06, Surabaya City, East Java Province. Because it is in the city center, of course it is very easy to access it.

Moreover, there are a lot of public transportation, especially buses and city transportation passing through the area. As for the lodging matter which is usually a complicated issue for travelers outside the area, it is also not a big problem. There are a lot of hotels in Surabaya scattered standing not far from the Achievement Park.

The Boat Ride Sensation

Every day, there are at least 4 to 5 boats that are always ready to provide services to tourists who want to walk along the Kalimas River in the Achievement Park. These boats will alternately invite travelers to feel pleasure and sensation in a river while watching the beautiful natural scenery around it.

Every boat pays a very cheap ticket price of Rp. 6,000 for each visitor. Because it’s cheap, don’t be surprised if many tourists want to try it. The tourists, consequently, have to wait in line to get their turn. But there is no need to worry, while queuing tourists can watch the panoramic view of the river and look at other boats that are passing by.

Each boat operating on the Kalimas River has a considerable amount of capacity of around 12 people. Thus, this exciting nature tourism activity can be done in groups with friends or family.

Once getting the chance to take a boat, an impressive experience can be directly obtained by tourists. Along the way on a boat on the river Kalimas, they will be shown a very beautiful natural panorama on the left and right of the river flow.

The atmosphere is so reassuring; the lush variety of plants with green leaves refreshing the eyes. A cool impression is always felt and can make anyone who is on a boat feel more at home in that place.

Moreover, the Kalimas river flow is a river with very clear water. Besides that, the water flow is also very calm, so that it can provide a safer feeling for travelers especially those who come with children.