Enjoying the nature in Taman Sakura Keputih Surabaya

The government of Surabaya is currently attempt to make the landfill into a green land that can add to the coolness of the city. For Keputih area, the change of the function is able to produce a beautiful garden so that it can be enjoyed by all people. This park is Taman Sakura Keputih.

Taman Sakura Keputih is located in Keputih sub-district. In the past, Taman Sakura Keputih was a landfill. Taman Sakura Keputih is located in the suburbs. This natural tourism garden concept is not too crowded by visitors.

Natural Tourism for Family

In Taman Sakura Keputih, travelers can see various flowers. There are bungur, jararanda, pagoda, and tabebaya as “sakura nya Surabaya” (the Sakura of Surabaya).

The flowers are planted according to their colors. The result of the grouping is very beautiful. Not only had various colors of flowers, this natural tourism also had a playground for children such as slide, seesaw, swing, and many more. The characteristic of the park in Surabaya is always has a fountain. The fountain makes the park looks more beautiful.

The Access to Taman Sakura Keputih

To go to Taman Sakura Keputih, travelers can use a private vehicle. Travelers only go to ITS area and go to Jalan Arif Rahman Hakim from Jalan Keputih. Go straight until you find a twist and a sign named Terminal Keputih. Travelers can enter the street and then they will see the view of bamboo trees on the left and right of the road. That’s the location of Taman Sakura Keputih.

Entrance Ticket and Facilities

You can enter Taman Sakura Keputih for free. You only have to pay the parking fee that is Rp 3.000. Taman Sakura Keputih is a free tourism object. The facilities in Taman Sakura Keputih are complete. Travelers can find benches, and also toilet which is located in the front of the park near security post. There is also a wide parking lot.

Taman Sakura Keputih has various culinary spots. In there, travelers can find various snack and dish from Surabaya.