Enjoying the Delicious of Nasi Cumi at Waspada Street Surabaya

Surabaya the capital city of East Java Province and becomes the heaven of culinary. There are various delicious foods in this city. One of them is nasi cumi. Nasi Cumi in Surabaya is located at Waspada Street in front of Pasar Atom. This food stall has been existed since 1917.

This food stall open 24 hours and of course it offers various delicious foods like nasi cumi and sotong. This food stall is very crowded by many visitors. Even though it is open 24 hours but this food stall is very crowded especially in the night.

Os, what is the specialty of this food? Nasi cumi is a food that the main dish is squid or sotong. There are many kind of nasi cumi like nasi cumi campur, nasi cumi original and rawon.

Full of side dishes

There are many side dish of nasi cumi like noodle, tofu, eeg, cow offals, and rempeyek udang. For the cow offal consists of babat, paru, or usus.

While there is also rawon that offered in this food stalls. The price of one portion of complete nasi cumi is IDR 27.000 and nasi cumi original is only IDR 15.000.

Always has same character

This food stall can use 40 to 50 kilograms of squids because of the high demand. Most of the visitors visit this food stalls in the night even though this food stall is open 24 hours.

This food stall also offers nasi rawon sapi, nasi tongkol, and many more. All of those foods have same characters. Those foods are delicious.

For the travelers who want to visit Surabaya, don’t forget to try Nasi Cumi at Waspada Street because it will be difficult to find this food in other regions. The best time to visit this food stall in the evening or night while strolling and enjoying night at Surabaya.