Enjoy the typical Chinese atmosphere at Pojok Tirai Bambu Surabaya

Kenjeran Park is a natural tourist attraction in the city of Surabaya which having a very complete tourist spot. One of them is Pojok Tirai Bambu. Its form is a building with a size that is not too big but looks very beautiful and artistic.

In line with its name, the accommodation is a cultural tourism object that carries the concept of the Chinese’s culture and art. Behind the size of the building which is only small, this destination still has a very high attractiveness to visit.

The Attractiveness

Entering the cultural attractions of the accommodation, the tourists are immediately invited to witness the beauty of the Chinese architectural buildings. However, the color of this building is not dominated by red like other traditional Chinese buildings. The dominant color is light brown.

The walls on the left and right of the front part are decorated with ornaments in the form of large windows with round or circular shapes. This window is equipped with clear glass, so that every visitor can see the inside of the room without entering.

There is also a beautiful decoration in the form of golden Chinese-style carvings in the edge side. Its appearance looks very striking and contrasts with the light brown color on the wall.

Pojok Tirai Bambu is supported by several pillars which are also quite large in dark green and the top and bottom are also carved with the same concept.

The roof in the form of a curved roof with exactly the same shape as a typical Chinese roof and consists of three levels or sap. The existence of a roof that looks very orientals is what makes the building look more majestic and beautiful even though its size is only small.

Around the building, it thrives dozens of bamboo trees. With the presence of these very cool and shady bamboo trees, the distinctive Chinese aroma is increasingly strong and thick. Besides that, the atmosphere also feels calm and able to make anyone in this place feel at

The Activity

There are not many activities that can be carried out in the cultural attractions Pojok Tirai Bambu, except for photos and selfies. However, the results of this photo shoot are guaranteed to be able to bring good impression when seen by others after being distributed and published on social media such as Facebook and instragram.

As a tourist attraction in the Kenjeran Park area, it is very easy to access Pojok Tirai Bambu. For accommodation matters, it is also not a big deal. There many are close to the destination. So it’s not a big problem if there are tourists outside the city who want visit it.