Culinary in Indonesia has shown a unique and interesting taste that makes everyone want to try it. If you are food lovers and wanna try delicious culinary in every region in Indonesia, try to visit Surabaya city. This city has a special menu called Krengesengan. The main ingredient of this menu is goat meat.

The Delicious Menu

Surabaya is well known for the delicacy and uniqueness of these culinary. One of the most famous culinary in this city is Krengsengan. It is a traditional menu in Surabaya, East Java. There are many other traditional culinary, such as rujak cingur, lontong balap, and rawon. But, Krengsengan has a different process than others.

The Best Combination of Meat and Spicy

For the taste, it gives an interesting sensation when you eat this menu. The best combination of goat meat and traditional spices make this menu more delicious. Its texture is processed well until it becomes small slices with many kinds of spices. There are some spices, such as garlic, onion, pepper, nutmeg, and cilantro. All of them is fried, then added soy sauce as a sweetener.

Different from other menus, such as gulai or tongseng, Krengesengan shows the better quality and its color is brown. It has a little bit of sauce and its main texture is goat meat. There is a combination taste of Krengesengan, it is sweet and tender meat. A spicy that make this menu more delicious is pepper. For the price, a portion of Krengsengan is not expensive. You just pay less than Rp.50.000. You can find this menu easily, there are many food stalls that provide Krengsengan. So, you must try the sensation of savory, spicy, and sweet of Krengsengan.