A More Comfortable Tips Traveling Tips Travel to Surabaya

Surabaya is a large city and holds the status as the capital of East Java Province. Besides being known as a city of commerce and industry, Surabaya also has a lot of tourism objects, whether it’s natural tourism, historical tourism, cultural tourism, culinary tourism and so on. So it is very appropriate if the city is often visited by travelers from both domestic and foreign countries.

For tourists who want to hold a holiday event or a tour to this city, of course, some special tips are needed. The aim is that the recreational activities can be more comfortable and enjoyable.

Travel ticket preparation

Whether using airplanes, ships, trains or buses, the existence of a ticket is always a very important thing in a holiday out of town. Therefore, before going to Surabaya, you must book the ticket in advance. The price usually can be more expensive if the booking time is too tight.

Furthermore, if you want to get a cheaper ticket price, don’t be lazy to look for promotional or discount info. At present, the information can be easily searched on the internet or through bureaus and travel agents.

The Lodging

The next thing that should not be forgotten is accommodation, especially lodging. But for this problem, tourists don’t need to worry too much. As a tourist destination, there are many hotels in Surabaya that can be chosen as a place to stay or rest. Everything is adjusted according to taste and budget or funds owned.

Starting for the affordable price hotel or home stay class hotels whose rates are only in the range of tens of thousands to tens of millions of rupiah per night, all are available in this city. The location is scattered in several regions at once, so that tourists can freely choose the closest hotel to the destination they want to go.

The Equipment

Surabaya is a city located in the coastal area and close to the sea. So it’s not surprising that almost every day the air temperature tends to be hot. Therefore, if you want to take a walk and have a vacation in this city, you must prepare clothes that are easy to absorb sweat so you don’t feel too hot.

In addition, don’t forget to wear hats or umbrellas and sunglasses when you want to travel to outdoor tourist areas. If it is necessary, do not hesitate to use sun block. One more thing that should not be underestimated, you always have to bring mineral water supplies to protect the body from dehydration or lack of fluids.