Wayang Potehi is one of puppet performances with Tionghoa culture element.
Info Religy / May 11, 2018
Surabaya city has a unique culture and religious tourist object that is Rumah Sembahyang Keluarga Han that also called The Surabaya.
Info Religy / May 7, 2018
All of mosques in Indonesia must have a history and special value behind it.
Info Religy / May 5, 2018
Traveling around Surabaya city make the visitors see many tourism objects around there. Not only, modern tourist attractions, there is a religious object called Pura Jada Karana.
Info Religy / April 1, 2018
As one of the biggest Islamic organizations in Indonesia, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) has important role for Indonesia.
Info Religy / March 23, 2018
Being known as the Heroes City, Surabaya, is also the capital city of East Java Province, offers tourism potential that is no less than other regions.
Info Religy / March 5, 2018
Religious tourism especially for Muslims is a must. With religious tours, the tourists are grateful for the struggle syiar Islam in Indonesia.
Info Religy / February 13, 2018
Besides history, beaches, and culinary, Surabaya has an exciting alternative tourism potential that can be enjoyed by tourists who visit there.
Info Religy / February 1, 2018
In line with its name, Al-Akbar National Mosque Surabaya has a big size.
Info Religy / January 15, 2018
Although this is not an old building, but Cheng Ho Mosque Surabaya has a different attraction.
Info Religy / January 13, 2018