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History & Education
Kenjeran Park is a natural tourist attraction in the city of Surabaya which having a very complete tourist spot.
History & Education Info / June 9, 2018
In Surabaya, precisely in the Kenjeran Park tourist area, there is a building that looks beautiful and majestic, named Tian Ti Pagoda.
Info Nature / June 7, 2018
Lately, there are more family educational and entertainment attractions built in Surabaya.
History & Education Info / June 5, 2018
In the past few years, Surabaya has seen more success in decorating itself.
History & Education Info / June 3, 2018
Ice cream is a cold dish loved by many people.
Culinary Info / June 1, 2018
Hajj is a worship that very dreamed of Muslims around the world including Indonesia.
History & Education Info / May 29, 2018
When visiting Surabaya, which is the capital of East Java Province, seems to be incomplete if they do not visit inherited from history.
History & Education Info / May 27, 2018
Holiday to historical museum, art museum or science museum exactly those usually happen.
History & Education Info / May 25, 2018
For the travelers who want to stroll and holiday in Surabaya, be ready to try the culinary wealth in this city.
Culinary Info / May 23, 2018
Surabaya the capital city of East Java Province and becomes the heaven of culinary.
Culinary Info / May 21, 2018