Surabaya currently has a new nature tourism city concept namely Taman Buah Undaan Surabaya.
Info Nature / June 25, 2018
Not only rich in historical and culinary attractions and shopping, Surabaya also has many natural tourist destinations with the concept of activities that are very unique and interesting.
Info Nature / June 17, 2018
Besides being named as the city of heroes, Surabaya is also very famous for its natural attractions in the form of city parks.
Info Nature / June 13, 2018
Just like other regions in Indonesia, Surabaya also has a local government building, namely City Hall.
Info Nature / June 11, 2018
In Surabaya, precisely in the Kenjeran Park tourist area, there is a building that looks beautiful and majestic, named Tian Ti Pagoda.
Info Nature / June 7, 2018
Taman Korea is one of tourist destination that has a concept of nature and City Park. This place is located o Surabaya.
Info Nature / April 29, 2018
As a metropolitan city and the second major city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya continues to develop and improve in various fields including tourism.
Info Nature / April 23, 2018
The government of Surabaya is currently attempt to make the landfill into a green land that can add to the coolness of the city.
Info Nature / April 19, 2018
Surabaya citizens in East Java Provice have new entertainment that very attractive. It is Rainbow Park.
Info Nature / March 29, 2018
Filling a holiday day does not have to always go to far places. There are many interesting sights and fun around the traveler's residence.
Info Nature / February 27, 2018