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In order to protect the culture heritage of Indonesia, The Health Department of Indonesia built a museum in Surabaya that is Museum Kesehatan Surabaya.
Surabaya is not only has Chinatown or Arabian complex or Kampung Arab.
Cak Kartolo was born in Pasuruan, East Java, July 2nd, 1945. Cak Kartolo is artist comedy and ludruk player. Cak Kartolo was active in ludruk since 1960.
History & Education Info / April 13, 2018
Mas Mansyur is prominent Islamic fighters and national heroes of Indonesia.
History & Education Info / April 11, 2018
Tourism is no longer about the natural beauty, beautiful location, history and so on. The simple things that may be years ago are not important, but for now can be used as a tourist attraction.
History & Education Info / April 5, 2018
Who does not know about Jendral Soedirman? His heroism value has been taught since he was school.
History & Education Info / March 25, 2018
If the travelers are visiting East Java precisely in Surabaya, don’t forget to visit Kampung Wisata Jambangan.
History & Education Info / March 19, 2018
One of places for hunting old books in Surabaya is Kampoeng Ilmoe. Kampoeng Ilmoe provides many books like textbooks for elementary school until college.
History & Education Info / March 17, 2018
On Hero's Day the figure of Bung Tomo will never be forgotten by Indonesia.
History & Education Info / March 13, 2018
Arekan dialect or usually known as Arekan language is a Javanese dialect that used by Surabaya’s people.
History & Education Info / March 11, 2018