It is Leko Warung and its location is on Jl. Manyar Kertorajo V / 9 Gubeng, Surabaya City, East Java Province.
Culinary Info / June 27, 2018
Surabaya is a city that has a lot of culinary attractions and one of them is rawon rice.
Culinary Info / June 21, 2018
Ice cream is a cold dish loved by many people.
Culinary Info / June 1, 2018
For the travelers who want to stroll and holiday in Surabaya, be ready to try the culinary wealth in this city.
Culinary Info / May 23, 2018
Surabaya the capital city of East Java Province and becomes the heaven of culinary.
Culinary Info / May 21, 2018
When visiting Surabaya don’t forget to try its culinary wealth including the souvenirs. Looking for souvenir is easy little but bit difficult.
Culinary Info / May 15, 2018
For the travelers that often visiting Surabaya maybe are familiar with the culinary of Sate Lisidu. This culinary was created by Mr.Istianto on 1997.
Culinary Info / April 25, 2018
A trip to Surabaya, which is the capital of East Java Province, it will not be complete if it does not try to explore the culinary of the City of Heroes.
Culinary Info / April 21, 2018
Travelers can find various culinary in Surabaya. One of the culinary is Sate Karak. Travelers must be curious about the visual of Sate Karak.
Culinary Info / April 17, 2018