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Art & Culture
Maybe in this modern time not many of Surabaya people that knows about this city history.
Art & Culture Info / April 27, 2018
When you want to spend your holiday to visit unique places, take a look many kinds of cultural tourism objects.
Art & Culture Info / April 3, 2018
Talking about traditional dance in Indonesia the number of traditional dances is very much.
Art & Culture Info / March 27, 2018
Indonesia has many kinds of traditional art that still used in the modern era. Many artists of Indonesia preserve various traditional arts, one of them is called "ludruk".
Art & Culture Info / March 7, 2018
While on a pilgrimage at the grave of Sunan Ampel, there is a cultural tourism destination that is a pity to miss that is Kampung Arab.
Art & Culture Info / February 15, 2018
In the era of social media technology, traveling is not just about visiting a conventional tourist destination.
Art & Culture Info / February 9, 2018
Although known as a modern and metropolitan city, Surabaya also has a cultural object. This object is Taman Budaya East Java Surabaya, but more often known as Taman Budaya Cak Durasim.
Art & Culture Info / January 23, 2018