As a big city and holds the status of a metropolitan city, Surabaya has a large number of modern shopping attractions.
Info Shopping / June 29, 2018
It is Leko Warung and its location is on Jl. Manyar Kertorajo V / 9 Gubeng, Surabaya City, East Java Province.
Culinary Info / June 27, 2018
Surabaya currently has a new nature tourism city concept namely Taman Buah Undaan Surabaya.
Info Nature / June 25, 2018
Not everyone loves to care for flower plants, but it can be ascertained if they still like it.
Info Shopping / June 23, 2018
Surabaya is a city that has a lot of culinary attractions and one of them is rawon rice.
Culinary Info / June 21, 2018
With the concept of being a night market, SCP or Suroboyo Carnival Park's educational and entertainment attractions are able to create a very special impression for lovers of recreational activities.
History & Education Info / June 19, 2018
Not only rich in historical and culinary attractions and shopping, Surabaya also has many natural tourist destinations with the concept of activities that are very unique and interesting.
Info Nature / June 17, 2018
Surabaya is a large city and holds the status as the capital of East Java Province.
History & Education Info / June 15, 2018
Besides being named as the city of heroes, Surabaya is also very famous for its natural attractions in the form of city parks.
Info Nature / June 13, 2018
Just like other regions in Indonesia, Surabaya also has a local government building, namely City Hall.
Info Nature / June 11, 2018