Cak Kartolo, the Most Famous Ludruk Art Figure from Surabaya

Cak Kartolo was born in Pasuruan, East Java, July 2nd, 1945. Cak Kartolo is artist comedy and ludruk player. Cak Kartolo was active in ludruk since 1960.

Cak Kartolo built Ludruk Kartolo CS group. Cak Kartolo pursued a career in some ludruk groups. Cak Kartolo was joined in Ludruk Dwikora which owned by Zeni Tempur V Lawang, Malang, and Ludruk Marinis Gajah Mada Surabaya.

Cak Kartolo built Ludruk Kartolo CS. Before making ludruk, he joined in Ludruk RRI Surabaya with Markuat, Munli Fatah, and Kancil.

Ludruk Kartolo CS

Kartolo CS consisted of Kartolo, Sapari, Basman, Munawar, Sokran, and Tini. They include in Karawitan Sawunggaling Surabaya art. Each player has unique characters and has their own grammar.

Cak Kartolo appeared to be the most intelligent, so in the story, he often made fun of other players. While Basman has a great voice and always talk like “nyerocos”. He is mischievous but often become victims. This ludruk is also had guest stars. The guest stars include Markeso, Cak Sidik, Marlena, and Blonthang.

Go to Recording Studio

Cak Kartolo preserves ludruk with a collaboration. The collaboration was done with Karawitan Sawunggaling Surabaya which led by Nelwan S Wongsokadi. They went to the recording studio. The recording is consist of kidungan parikan with guyonan 80’s era.

At that time, 95 volumes can be recorded and sold on the market. Unexpectedly, the people in East Java welcomed him with enthusiast. Their latest albums are always awaited by fans.

However, the formation is changed because the remaining of this formation is only Tini, Sapario, and Kartolo. another member Munawar, Basman, and Sokran have passed away. Until now, Kartolo and Sapari still often appear in Surabaya’s television.

Cak Kartolo and friends often get invited to perform. In one month, they can perform 5 times. In the past, they can perform 10 times a month.