Bungkul Park, the Best City Park in Asia Surabaya

Almost every city must have a city park. But it is very different from Bungkul Park in Surabaya. Its beauty always makes anyone who visits to be amazed and fascinated. The location is very accessible, located on Jl. Bungkul Park or Jl. Darmo, Kalurahan Darmo, Wonokromo District, Surabaya City.

Because of its beauty, this park in 2013 was once named the best city park in Asia or the 2013 Asian Townscape Award from the United Nations. So that it is not strange if Bungkul Park is always a prime recreation park for every tourist who is on vacation in Surabaya.


Actually the cake is the name of a character whose full name is Ki Ageng Supa and is often referred to as Mbah Bungkul. According to estimates, he lived in the days of Sunan Ampel around 1400 to 1481 AD. The figure of the Majapahit kingdom changed its name to Ki Ageng Mahmuddin after deciding to convert to Islam.

One time Mbah Bungkul or Ki Ageng Mahmuddin intended to find a mate for his daughter, Dewi Wardah. He picked a pomegranate and was carried away to the Kalimas River. After that he mentioned his promise, anyone who managed to find the pomegranate would be his daughter-in-law. This pomegranate was discovered by Raden Paku who was a follower of Sunan Apple. The next story was predictable, Raden Paku was married to Dewi Wardah. Then after passing away, Mbah Bungkul was buried in a place that is now the Bungkul Park in Surabaya.


For travelers who are curious about the historical story above, can visit Mbah Bungkul’s tomb which is still well maintained in the Bungkul Park area. The design of the tomb looks so exotic, with a typical Majapahit architecture. Surrounding it grew shady leafy old trees.

For the park area itself, since revitalized in 2007 has an increasingly beautiful appearance. Not only that, this 900 m2 park has also been equipped with various facilities. Guaranteed every visitor will feel at home in this cool park.

Ranging from jogging tracks, skate boards, BMX tracks, special areas to relax, a pool with a beautiful fountain and others, ready to give pleasure to the traveler. Moreover, this park has also been equipped with an open arena that can be used to hold performance events.

For people with disabilities, there is no need to hesitate in recreation in Bungkul Park. Natural tourism objects that carry the concept of urban forests have special pathways for people with disabilities. Then for the traveler who is feeling hungry, there is a food court with a mainstay dish in the form of Surabaya specialties with so delicious citara.