Bratang Market, The Most Complete Shopping Place of Flowers and Ornamental Plants in Surabaya

Not everyone loves to care for flower plants, but it can be ascertained if they still like it. Talking about it, there is a shopping attraction that specifically offers merchandise in the form of flowers and ornamental plants in Surabaya. This destination is named Pasar Bratang.

It is located on Jl. Bratang Binangun, Bratajawa, Surabaya City, East Java Province. Its very strategic position, close to the Gubeng Station, makes this traditional market always crowded with visitors. Moreover, around the area, there are dozens of hotels in Surabaya, making it easier for tourists from outside the area to visit it.

The Market conditions

Although only a traditional market, Pasar Batang has a very clean and neat appearance. It was very different when this market firstly appeared around 1990. Every road in the hallways was closed with paving blocks. The width is quite large, about 50 cm making it easier for visitors to walk.

Besides that, all the stalls are neatly arranged; none of them juts into the middle of the road. Similarly, the merchandise in the form of flowers and ornamental plants is not less orderly in its arrangement. The reason is, all of the traditions always have a high sense of discipline when placing themselves.

Moreover, all traders in this market are always friendly and polite to buyers and tourists. They will not be angry even if there are consumers who just ask questions and do not make or cancel the purchase transaction.

The Activity

The name of the market must always be a place for buying and selling transactions. Likewise with Bratang Market is. Here, tourists can shop for a variety of flowers or ornamental plants. Even when setting foot at the entrance, it will immediately smell of the flowers and ornamental plants.

Starting from small ornamental plants that have a size of several meters can be found in this market. Most of them were imported from Surabaya City itself. Others were sent from other areas such as Malang, Kediri and so on.

The price is around tens of thousands rupiah, but there are also some that reach hundreds of thousands or even millions. Especially for ornamental plants that are rare and very difficult to find.

You do not have to buy flowers or ornamental plants while traveling to Pasar Bratang. In this place, tourists may come even if only aiming to look around. If you want to meet the coolness and beauty in a different way, this shopping object is indeed worth visiting.