When you want to spend your holiday to visit unique places, take a look many kinds of cultural tourism objects. Many cities present cultural tourist attractions, one of them is in Surabaya. It is called Joko Dolog statue.

This site is located on Jl. Gubernur Suryo Surabaya. It shows elements of traditional cultures which are still a heritage of the ancestors. You can see this historical statue in a complex like a garden that have some big trees around the area.

Joko Dolog Statue is big, and it is a symbol of Budha Mahasobya. The face looks calm with the position of hands like bhumispar, it means the left hand closed like touching Buli. Not only Joko Dolog statue in this location, you can see many kinds of smaller statue. They are unique and beautiful.

The History of Joko Dolog Statue

Based on the story of people around this area, Joko Dolog statues has existed since Majapahit Kingdom era. This statue moved in several time and finally it was found by Dutch government and took to the Netherlands.

Then, in 1812 Joko Dolog statue took from Netherlands to the Surabaya passed Tanjung Perak route. But, during the journey, the ship had problems and it saved in Apsari park Surabaya.

Although the situationis not crowded like other tourism objects, but the enthusiastic of the tourists both domestic and abroad is high to visit this place.

The Activity

Besides you see the beauty of the statue, you can walk around this park and enjoy the fresh air. Many people set this place for hunting photo and capture every moment with Joko Dolog statue as a background.

So, if a holiday season comes, you can choose this place to spend your time. Moreover, visiting Joko Dolog site is an interesting activity to preserve a cultural heritage in Surabaya city. For entering this area, the visitors do not need to pay ticket. Just for parking fee. If you want to go to Joko Dolog site, you can go there by public transportation.