Natural tourism object of Apsari Park is an interesting holiday place. It is located in Embong Kaliasin Genteng District, Surabaya City East Java Province. On weekdays and holidays, this destination is always crowded with many visitors. This tour is not much different from other park tours. But Apsari Park has always been a favorite tourist spot of young people and even parents. Natural tourism Apsari Park is one of natural tourism object that is very famous for the charm of beauty.

The traveler who has never been to this tour, certainly curious about the panaroma there. The location is so strategic and easy to reach, making the tourists will not be difficult to get to the tourist location. However, if the tourists did not know the location or access road to the tour, it can open google maps on android mobile phones.

The Panorama

In the natural tourist area of Taman Apsari Surabaya, there are many beautiful and varied flower plants. In the middle of the flower, there is a gallant monument Suryo Governor. Then at the back of the apsari park is also no less interesting, in the wake of a statue of Joko Dolog.Joko Dolog is a very famous figure in the legend of East Java. This figure is believed to be the incarnation of the son of Duke of Kediri, Prince Jaka Taruna. According to the myths around, Jaka Taruna suffered a defeat when the battle against Jaka Jumput then changed into a statue.

Facility and Activity

In addition, natural tourism object of Apsari Park is one that has complete public facilities and services. The facilities provided in the natural attractions include a wide vehicle parking area, mosque, bathroom, market, restaurant, playground, entertainment or music art and lodging.

Lots of fine art that is found in this park. In addition to statues and monuments by local residents, there is also a beautiful fountain decorate the Garden Apsari. Beautiful floral arrangements, shady trees and ornaments in the park are always characteristic and unique.

To spend your leisure time, natural tourism Apsari Park is perfect for sports, jogging, riding, gymnastics and watching various art performances, especially music art.

Guaranteed, the existence of this park is able to motivate the tourists to always visit and spend holiday time in Surabaya. Moreover, the beauty and uniqueness of this park is very compelling and you do not need to spend your monet because it’s so cheap to visit this beautiful park.