As a City of Heroes, Surabaya has many historical monuments. One of them is Bambu Runcing monument. The standing monument, right in the heart of Surabaya, was a silent witness during a fierce battle against the invaders, on 10 November 1945.

The Symbol of Struggle

Located on Jl. Panglima Sudirman, Bambu Runcing Monument became one of the historical and educational history icon in Surabaya. This monument is considered to have a close relationship with the history of the Indonesian nation. Especially when this country had to fight for the sake of reaching noble ideals, independence. The form of a bunch of spiky bamboo which is a symbol of fighting arek-arek Suroboyo fighting against the invaders. They never know the word fear and give up even if only using weapons as they are. Even when the only available form of a sharpened bamboo, its spirit of zeal has not subsided at all. It is easy for travelers who want to visit Bambu Runcing Monument. Moreover, the location is in the strategic area, exactly in the center of Surabaya. From whichever direction, this destination is easily accessible either by private vehicle or public transport.

The Beauty of Monument and The Activity

One of the beauty of Bamboo Runcing Monument is the presence of water jets from one end of bamboo spikes, like a fountain. In addition, at night the colorful lights that exist around the monument look very slick when lights emit light. Not only that, this destination is also surrounded by a very well-laid out garden.

For tourists who want to take pictures around the monument should be very careful because the Bamboo Runcing Monument is in the middle of the road. So, for the traveler who wants to take pictures should be parked in the offices and supermarkets around the area.

At night around the area of the monument visited by many young children. Some of them are members of a community. In addition, there are coming with family or friends. While enjoying the panorama of the monument, tourists can spend time chatting or just drinking coffee. Many food vendors, coffee shops and even cafes are located around the monument.

While on Sunday morning, usually used as a place for sports, jogging or bike relax. Although located in the hustle of the city, but every morning the area of the monument remains fresh and cool because of the many plants that thrive in the vicinity.

Beyond that, the Bamboo Runcing Monument is not just a location to play to spend time alone. Through visits to educational and historical attractions, at least the traveler will better understand the meaning of unity for a struggle.